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Drop in and Play is held every Friday night across two time slots with games commencing at 6:00pm and 7:40pm  It is 100% commitment free, fun & social volleyball. The night caters to all skill levels and ages, there is something for everyone!

How it works:

There is no sign up, or pre-registration you simply arrive at the centre before 6:00pm for timeslot 1 or 7:40pm, you can arrive by yourself or with as many friends as you can find. We make teams of 4-6 players as people arrive and you are assigned a team number and a court to start on.

Once on your court and you have met the rest of your team for the night the games commence with the siren at 6:00pm, each game lasts between 13 & 15 minutes before the siren sounds and a short 2 minute break follows, during this break you rotate thoughout the centre to verse another team, this rotation is pre assigned on paper or via king of the court rotations
Over the course of the night you will end up versing numerous teams and no team twice all done without the need for scores or umpires as it is social fitness.

The official rotations of the night ends after an hour and a half however people often stay around after and continue to play into the night.

So for only $5 per person you end up with hours of fun in the sand and the chance to meet a good group of like minded people who enjoy getting out and about, having fun, all whilst keeping fit.