4 A Side Teams


$15 Per game per player

$20 For an individual playing 2 games in a row on the same day 

6 A Side Teams


$10 Per game per player

$15 For an individual playing 2 games in a row on the same day 

Time keeping rules and penalties:

The time on the fixtures is the time that the games are scheduled to start, not the time you should arrive. Please ensure you arrive with enough time to pay and get to your court for your start time.

Being only a few minutes late has serious knock on effects for the rest of the night!

It is the expectation that if an individual player is running late the game shall start in their absence.

Game Fees:

Each team must pay $60.00 per game regardless of how many players take to the sand.
The only exceptions to this rule is 3 a side teams and players whom play multiple games in a row on the discount rate (second game $5)


·       1 to 4 minutes late
Teams who arrive one to four minutes after the scheduled start time will not receive any game points on the ladder for the first game played

·       5 to 14 minutes late
Team will be charged a $20.00 late fee, the first game of three will not be played and this $20.00 fee will be refunded to the opposing team for missing 1/3 of the match.

·       After 15 minutes late or no shows
Game will be cancelled, Team will be charged $60.00 upon next game and deducted 10 points from ladder total.


At least 90 minutes notice must be given for a team forfeiting otherwise the no show fee will be charged on the next game.
Note: if you are only a player or two short please call us as early as possible so we can source suitable fill ins for you to continue your game.


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Prices: All teams must pay $60.00 per team per game